Database collection via a game or information request

(a brochure order, for example)


Newsletter subscription


Invitation to register a Facebook page ‘Like’ or generate a social

media viral effect


Possibility of projector installation to maximize visibility


Instant photo sharing (with logo for brand visibility)


Internet access point for your customers in an exhibition kiosk


USB or printer input/output


Soundtrack for background music/video station


General information access point (signage, meeting content, and location, for example)

Information brochure distribution and orders

Access point to view and/or share photos on social media

Registration management

Various interactive entertainment games

Standard internet access terminal

Possibility of projector installation to maximize visibility

Sound/music streaming station



We can develop applications tailored to your specific needs.

Please feel free to contact us with special requests and/or to integrate your personal applications on our TOUCH SCREEN.

Touch screen rental service