Get professional painters to discover the amazing qualities of the many products available at Benjamin Moore. Ensure that the show unfolds seamlessly in a friendly atmosphere conducive to exchanges between professionals.



DISTRICT built custom kiosks for each of the partners in the show. A luminous, colourful and reusable design focused on the full range of Benjamin Moore products. The concept was used to demonstrate the quality, strong pigmentation, and colour authenticity of the client’s products. District also provided technical support, DJ, decor, and a complete development plan including signage.


To demonstrate the impressive results you get with Benjamin Moore products, the DISTRICT team applied different products on specific materials, including oxidized metal sheet, a rusty safe, a frame with detailed molding, an antique dresser, and a chunk of raw concrete. Meticulously done with attention to detail and aesthetics, the various executions were designed to show the dramatic results before and after painting.