Since 2010, Beam Suntory has entrusted DISTRICT with all its ground activations in Quebec, representing more than 600 unique outings involving tastings of their products.


At various SAQ locations and in numerous restaurants, bars, and festivals, DISTRICT is responsible for the promotion of Tequila Sauza (Silver, Gold, Blue, 100% agave), Honitos Tequila, Jim Beam (Jim Beam Honey and regular Red Stag), Midori, Canadian Club, and Courvoisier products.

The DISTRICT mandate includes:

  • Ensure all logistics for each activation

  • Deliver, install, and dismantle equipment

  • Write promotional reports and take photos at each activation

  • Buy stamped liquor and all products required to prepare tasting sessions

  • Select, coordinate, reserve, and train ambassadors

  • Create POS components and other tools to support the promotion, including brochures, kiosk, decor, and promotional attire

  • Warehousing equipment


In 2015, we organized close to 30 activations in various settings including bars and golf courses.


The purpose of the activations was to familiarize consumers with Canadian Club whiskey through promotional tastings of the product in cocktails or on the rocks.


Since 2015, our ambassadors have conducted more than a dozen in-store tasting activations at SAQ locations to promote Midori liqueur.


 Since 2014, we’ve organized approximately 50 summer and fall activations at bars and golf courses in the Montreal and Quebec City regions.


The ambassadors host activations in targeted locations to promote Jim Beam Bourbon and engage the public in a positive drinks experience.


Since 2014, we’ve organized over 50 activations throughout the year at SAQ stores, bars, and golf courses in the Montreal and Quebec City regions.


Our ambassadors organize public promotional samplings for Sauza Tequila and Sauza Silver Blue to build brand awareness among their target audience.