Executive producers of this great event, DISTRICT deployed its “Montreal International Auto Show 75th edition anniversary event” at la TOHU. More than 400 people were gathered for this memorable celebration of the industries’ accomplishments. An event meant to have attendees traveling in time from the 20’s to glamorous disco period, from today’s challenges with even a glimpse of what could be expected in our near future. A night to remember for this organization that has definitely good reasons to celebrate being an unstoppable and ongoing success story through time.


In order to celebrate not only the Auto Show but also the city of Montreal’s 375th birthday, District developed a concept in which various elements such as enlarged images and street names reminiscent of the city’s history were scattered throughout the event.

- Artistic direction

- Event styling \decor\ accessories

- Musical direction (band and DJ)

- MC

- Bar/Alcohol management

- Technical direction / Layouts

- Sound/Lighting/Video

- Management and coordination of the whole event’s suppliers