DISTRICT has collaborated in the production of the APB evening (Avant-Première Bénéfice) at Montreal’s International Auto Show in various ways.


For more than 5 years, DISTRICT has collaborated in this highly successful event, where more than 5000 people gather to visit the Auto show prior to the official opening to the public. The artistic direction in 2018 was directed in order to mark the 75th edition of the show. DISTRICT had also previously, in October 2017, produced the 75th edition at la TOHU for the people of the automobile industry, the arrangements of both events were part of the contract.

The services requested :

  • Installation of banners bearing the 75th anniversary as well as strategic entrances to the salon

  • Supply all 18 bars required across the 3 floors of the event

  • Research, insertion, and printing of all visual content for bars and music sections

  • Manage animation of 12 music stations where 16 live musicians and 7 DJ’S were required and supplying sound and/or any technical gear needed.

  • Design and installation of décor for all 120 tables of the event assuring visibility of an important sponsor.

  • Sponsorship design and activation for event sponsors



For this year’s benefit event, the Montreal International Auto Show gave District the mandate of designing key décor elements and book entertainment for the event


In order to celebrate not only the Auto Show but also the city of Montreal’s 375th birthday, District developed a concept in which various elements such as enlarged images and street names reminiscent of the city’s history were scattered throughout the event.