The Charbonneau group has entrusted DISTRICT the great honor and privilege of creating two events in order to celebrate their 100th year of business service.


The agency has therefore, created two events to celebrate this milestone.

The first event was to recognize and give thanks to their loyal clients. The second event was to close out the year of festivities with all employees and companions.

The favorable moments of this exchange was brought forward and conceived with refinement and pleasure.

Two evenings dedicated to thanks, where the feeling of belonging, accomplishment and pride was at the forefront.

The services requested:

- The creation of an 100th year logo and other miscellaneous info graphics

- The client invitations, as well as the organization of the RSVP and thank you notes afterwards

- The décor, the complete animation as well as the artistic direction of the events

- Location selection

- Corporate gifts and wrapping

- Catering services

- The visual animation

- Pyrotechnics